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Tire Valve Stem Failures

Photo Credit: Christopher Ziemnowicz.

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According to information provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Dill Air Controls Products has recalled 1.8 million replacement snap-in rubber valve stems, models Dill ACP TR413, TR414, and TR418, sold between November 2006 and July 2007. NHTSA has stated that these valves may lack the required additive to protect the rubber against deterioration from ozone exposure. As a result, affected valve stems, when subject to high levels of ozone, may weather and crack earlier than normal for this product.

NHTSA believes that, as a consequence, such a crack could progress over time to the point that it leaks air resulting in a loss of tire pressure. Loss of tire pressure can result in a flat tire and/or loss of vehicle control, which could cause a crash without warning.

For more information about this recall, click on the link below to access the related page from NHTSA in a new window.

NHTSA Recall Campaign ID 08T028000

What Consumers Say...

The following complaints have been made to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration concerning Dill ACP tire valves. These complaints were returned from on-line queries of the Consumer Complaint database made on July 17, 2008. Note that additional, possibly related complaints in NHTSA's database may not be appropriately indexed.

Our editing was limited to obvious typographical errors and capitalization. Each complaint is preceded by the ODINO keyfield to enable verification of our processing. Note that although these consumer complaints come from NHTSA's on-line database, they have not been verified.

10231543 – "The tire on our Pontiac Grand Prix went flat due to a dry rotted/cracked valve stem. I have been hearing this is a widespread problem, also recently seen complaints on the news. Cost me $28.34 for flat repair, i.e., place a new stem in my tire. Seems like this could be a potential public safety issue."

10232802 – "Cracked valve stem caused tire to rapidly deflate on expressway. Aftermarket tires and wheels were purchased in May of 2007 from Discount Tire."

10233407 – "While traveling down a road my right rear tire suddenly deflated. Upon changing the tire I found that the tire air valve had cracked. The Valve was a Dill made by a Chinese company. The tire was damaged and had to be replaced." [Note that the manufacturer in the database is coded as "EHA VENTILFABRIK."]

10232362 – "Both passenger tire valve stems split open within 3 days apart. This caused a quick decompression inside the tire. One tire (front) went flat on [...] 6/20/08. The rear tire went flat on 6/23/08. There were no signs of a slow leak prior to failure. I have close up photo's of the valve stem defect."

10231500 – "I purchased 3 tires on January 10, 2007. They all had Dill ACP TR413 (681) tire valve stems. All three tires went flat while driving within a 16-day period. And all flats were caused by faulty valve stems (dates of flats: 6/1/08, 6/7/08, and 6/16/08)."

10229140 – "1. Abrupt loss of air from rear tire due to crack/slice/like in recently installed valve stem. 2. Inspection revealed that all 4 Merchant tire installed valve stems have nearly identical defect. 3. Replaced 1 tire (unrepairable side wall damage occurred before safe stop) and 4 valve stems."

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